1.  “Identity, medical ethics, and the problem of necrophilia.” Philosophy PG Seminar, University of Leeds, December 2019
  2. “Structuring death: a case for Somatic Animalism.” Philosophy PG Seminar, University of Leeds, February 2019
  3. “A structural realist approach to biological individuality.” Philosophy PG Seminar, University of Leeds, December 2018
  4. “Forensic human identification as a defence of somatic animalism.” Guest speaker for Phi Sigma Tau: The International Honor Society for Philosophy (Hartwick College chapter), Hartwick College, March 2018 (Invited)
  5. “A new foundation for animalism: a division of labour and the need for a scientific metaphysics.” University of Leeds HPS Work-in-Progress Seminar, University of Leeds, May 2017
  6. “Why an organism concept is not useful: a historical and philosophical analysis.” The Past, Present and Future of Integrated HPS: An International Postgraduate Forum, University of Leeds, January 2017

Workshops Organised

  1. Interdisciplinary Workshop on Evolution and Ecology at Leeds. Co-organised with Helen Piel, Leonardo Miele, and Robert West. The website can be found here.